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Tempest Shadowspawn

Location: In Rhydin, roaming the countryside with his son, his guildmates or his adopted sister Kiera. Self-appointed Protector of Crysandra of CoH.

Birthdate: Flaurmont 13, 987

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Widower(Lexi) . . . Alone.

Appearance: Half-elven Ranger, 5'10", 163 pounds, lean but solidly built, tanned with brown shoulder-length hair, bright emerald green eyes. Partially pointed ears, a small hoop in the left one and mellow low-pitched voice. Small scar on left eyebrow. Shows little emotion. Wears a hooded cloak over a long-sleeved studded, padded tunic, gloves and braies tucked into calf-high leather boots, all black. Will wear elven chainmail when needed. Ambidexterous. Has 8' Dire Wolf, SilverStreak, and a 5' wingspan Falcon, Nimbus. A bastard sword is sheathed at his right hip, a dagger stuck in each boot, a pair of bolas hung at his left hip and a main-gauche is at his back. A quiver hangs from his right shoulder and he carries a composite longbow.

Affiliations, Rank: Colonel (65RP)...UF. 3rd Div Cmdr {2d36}...~DS~. RWC Registered Healer-High Priest (50RP)...SSoBC. Father of Tristan Galen Shadowspawn [1]. SilverFlame{NC}.