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Birthdate: ::she looks of lower 20's::

Sex: Female

Marital Status: ::has found her love again::

Appearance: ::Silver eyes are lifted to look at the one before her. Her pale face surrounded by shaggy black hair. Around her neck is bound a silver collar, symbolizing the wolf, but she is no slave. A worn, dark red cloak hangs over her shoulders, half covering her black wardrobe. Various silver and gold rings adorn her slim hands, a braided band is most visible. Her voice, like her manner and appearance is cold as she finally answers:: 'm Shana... ::At the base of her cloak bare feet poke out into the cold. When, if, she ever removes her red covering, a wolf tattoo on her upper arm may be visible, as well as a silver dagger at her waist::

Affiliations: ~*~ GC of SoM~4d85~, a member of the SW pack (2d26) and Warlord of CoRM~2d75~ ~*~

Personal Quote: ::her expression that of weariness, her voice, as always, cold::<q> as they say, "All those who would hold Magic's Power must then pay Magic's Price..."