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The Silver Flame Webpage

Introduction to the First Revision of the Silver Flame Webpage

Hello. Welcome to the Silver Flame Webpage. First of all, I'd like to thank the RhyDin Informational Net Alliance down in Star's End for allowing me to use their numerous technologies, including the space needed to house the numerous materials that were incorporated into making this site. Now, all members, even when not near the Keep or RhyDin Town, can read up on the latest developments in our guild via the Archive, send a letter via an automatic service in Star's End, or generally keep informed by using this site on the RDIN. As this is a new site, I am asking you to keep me informed of anything that you would like to change about the site and what you want to keep. Member participation is the only thing able to keep the site up and running.


What follows is a brief intro, and my plans for the future of this site.

Above my message is a brief main menu, leading to the currently four main areas of the site: Member Biographical Information, which leads to the sites or descriptions of the Silver Flame's members; Oath of the Silver Flame, which is our creed; the Archive, where all of our literature is contained for reading and downloading; and our new Links area, which allows you to scan other sites on the RDIN.

After this site is fully acclimated and in running order, please tell me what you'd like to see on the Silver Flame Webpage, and I'll be able to make it more to the guild's liking. For more on our guild, use this link to view the electronic version of our bulletin board back in the Keep. (Sorry. Only available on datascanners running AOL, a tool of some sort.)

Bulletin Board of the Silver Flame

((And be sure to check out Rebellion, our current storyline.))

Head Webmaster:
)<Ħar --Please, send me a message. I'd love to hear what you think.

Secondary Webmasters:
None as of right now. Offers will be taken, and are encouraged.

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