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Hello all,

No no, this is not a rip off from the guild newsletter... The purpose of this one is to update you on new members and other things that have to do with Membership... First thing is first, so here we go...

A Mentor Apprentice program has been started up again.. So far I have Benzunah as our first Mentor. I have attached the information about the program on this letter.. You are not eligible to be a Mentor if you are still an apprentice.. :) If you are willing to become a mentor, please please mail me.. We will need more of them soon..

Rhydaina Stansilava Nytehunter-Drakenson
Guildmistress of the Nytehunter Guild
Director of Membership in the Silver Flame
Fallen Angel of S.E.D.U.C.E

(And here is the attached mentor/apprentice program information.)

Mentor/Apprentice Program

The mentor/apprentice program is an excellent way to help out the guild.. It is also a good way to gain respect from others.. Helping out a new member and gaining more freinds. It is fairly simple to become a Mentor.. Just tell the Director of Membership that you wish to sign up as a mentor and you are set. It is also benificial to the Apprentice also.. Since all new members start off at the bottom, the better you do in the program, the higher in rank you will become when you gain full membership. You will meet every member and get to know them.

Mentor Requirements

Every mentor must do the following for and with the Apprentice.. 1. Have the Apprentice meet and greet every member of the guild in the Phoenix Keep. 2. Spar with the Apprentice, logging at least one and sending it to the director of membership and Guildleader. 3. Make sure that the Apprentice understands the creed fully.. 4. Encourage the apprentice to send out a mailing greeting, introducing his/her self. 5. Encourage the apprentice to Post on the message boards..

Apprentice Requirements

Every apprentice must do the following.. 1. Apprentices must get to know there mentor well, for they will be there teacher for at least 2 weeks or until noted otherwise.. 2. They must be willing to meet everyone in the guild with there mentor.. 3. Posting on the message board at least once is required but is encouraged on a regular basis. 4. Mailing the guild in guild wide discusions is also encouraged, but is required to mail at least a greeting guild wide. 5. One logged spar with the Mentor must be sent to the Director of Membership and Guildleader. 6. After the 2 week period the Director of Membership will check up on the mentor and start planning the cerimony.. 7. At the cerimony the Apprentice must have some sort of a prepared speach to say.. It does not have to be long, just somthing.. If you are interested in becomeing a Mentor, please mail the Director of Membership.