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T h e N e w s l e t t e r A r c h i v e s

This is where you can read all of our previous newsletters, updates, and other periodicals published by the Silver Flame. Numerous authors have contributed to these various newsletters, including Rhydaina Stanislava Nytehunter-Drakenson, Shivan Selt 'samm Rex, Emma McRoberts, and Benzunah.

Numerous people were interviewed as well, with such members as Merikus 'Owenelae Marquisto, Pewter Silverton Cross, and even myself.

However, this archive is not only for past newsletters. Whenever a newsletter is published, it will be posted to this site so that it can be read here as well. Keep watching the site for a new newsletter; it will be announced on the main page. Now, on to the newsletters.

Newsletter Issue Number Author(s) InterView/InterViewer Week/Date
Silver Flame Newsletter Issue #1 Rhydaina Drakenson Merikus Marquisto/Drakenson ???
Silver Flame Newsletter Issue #2 Drakenson Drakenson/Sparks ???
Silver Flame Newsletter Issue #3 Drakenson, Shivan Rex Rex/Drakenson 4 Nov. 1997
Silver Flame Newsletter Issue #4 Drakenson, Rex Kiar/Rex 18 Nov. 1997
Silver Flame Newsletter Issue #5 Drakenson, Rex Pewter Cross/Emma McRoberts 13 Dec. 1997
Silver Flame Newsletter #6 (Revival) Benzunah No InterView 13 May 1998

Recently, the Silver Flame has had many updates issued, as the guild is an ever-changing thing. Here are the updates sent out, focusing on membership and the Silver Flame Council.

Newsletter/Update Issue Author(s) Focus/Subject Week/Date
Silver Flame Council Update Benzunah Silver Flame Council 28 May 1998
Silver Flame Membership Letter #1 Drakenson Silver Flame Mentor/Apprentice Program 28 May 1998

As always, when dealing with archival materials, information may not be correct. If this is the case with any of the archive, please send me a message using the Star's End Electronic Mailing Service. Just click here, and your message will be typed and sent via messenger!