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Silver Flame Council Update

Dear Silver Flame member,

During a recent informal meeting Wednesday, May 27, 1998 (Earth Calender Time), the Council discussed the main goals that it saw (as well as a few other members who were been present in the Phoenix Keep at the time) needed fulfilling, as well as other, more minor matters. The Council decided that the overall feeling was a need to expand more and bring energy back to our once dormant Guild. Director of Membership, Rhydaina, was unable to attend the meeting due to a previous engagement so no votes were taken. ((Logs of the meeting are available upon request.))

Among the few minor issues, there was a mention for a name for the "Silver Flame Newsletter." DethLords, a member present, suggested "Phoenix Rising" as a possible name. Presently we are asking all the members of the Guild to suggest a name, and the Council will vote upon the list as soon as it can be arranged. Deth also suggested we bring back ... ASSASSIN TAG! I'm sure many of you remember the game, but a few may not. Unfortunately, we won't be playing it until the self-proclaimed "Judge" of the Game, Deth, finds the rules to it ((IOW, returns his PC to working order. :) )).

The Council has asked for other member input as to what they want of the Guild, and any other suggestions they may have. We want full member participation, or at least a response from the members to show that they're still alive. I hope to see some participation. Let us know what you want the Flame to be. Want to play TAG? Want to go on a quest? Want a hot tub even? Let us know! Let's get burning!

Communications Director
Silver Flame