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Silver Flame Newsletter

Welcome everyone to the Newsletter, I've decided to take up a few matters, starting with the re-establishment of the Guild Newsletter as well as a few other tasks which I shall outline in this. First off, let's get up with updates.

Guild Updates

We will soon be joined by a new member! Can you believe it? After such a downtime, we are finally increasing our ranks again! Perhaps she'll be able to breathe life back into the spiritless Guild (meaning Unactive, to a certain point). Please welcome Shana to our ranks (SN: Cynderwolf). Our Director of Membership has chosen none other than I to take her through the training Reqs. so she can recieve her Official Silver Flame Badge. Since I slow decay, I've found we *have* no training requirements. Anyway, please welcome her to our ranks. :)

In other news, I have decided to create a set of requirements for potential members. Suggestions, questions, something, if you feel you have an idea for this, than please send it to me. Obviously I have really no idea of what we should require, and also, I have few ideas in my mind at the time. I have also decided to add into the training req. rules something that *may* help to increase our membership, which is badly needed.


I'm believing that only a handful of members know about this, but during Merikus' recent silence, and after a talk me and him had a few months ago, he has been working on something that will change our "Guild" forever: A Constitution! I mentioned to him that our Guild seemed not to be a Guild at all, but more of a "Conglomeration of Friends," in which he responded, saying that he believed the same thing also, which triggered off this Constitution. From what he's said, and from what I believe, this will change the way our "Guild" works. A few rumors are that we will not have ranks, dice, general things that make Guilds what they are, except we aren't one. Expect some pretty radical changes when he announces this.

Weather Predictions:
Our fortune teller has predicted hurricane-force winds with a slight chance of pebble-sized hail and severe lightning. Gusts are expected to exceed 100,000 miles per hour, while the surf on the beaches erodes them away. Be on look-out for a guy flying a kite, with glasses and a key attached to it...

That's it for our New Newsletter, if anyone has suggestions or comments, feel free to e-mail me privately (unless it the Guild needs to hear it), and tell me. Otherwise, have a grand day!


There are many more issues in the archive...

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