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~ S i l v e r F l a m e ~
Newsletter Issue #5
By Rhydaina Drakenson and Shivan Selt 'samm Rex

1. GuildNews
2. InterView... This month Pewter Silverton Cross
3. Gossip corner


On the Night of December 5th at about 10pm there was a Masquerade ball held.. Many people came, dressed in there best costumes, out to win the prize... A little more than half the guild attended with a few freinds.. There was a best costume award given out to Leathol for her costume of the Grim Reaper.. Kiar and Shivan's Cow came in second.. After the awards were handed out a fire broke out in the Keep.. A few people were injured, some more than others.. But the guild stood together and got through it.. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.. We will here more about it soon..

On a lighter note. :) We have a Semi-New member in the guild.. Benzunah (Benzunah1)! He was a dedicated member of the DH, and took a vacation.. So now he is back!! Let's welcome him into the family..

This Month... Pewter Silverton Cross!!

Scene: Interview between the SF Newletter, as represented by "Inquisitor" Emma, Pewter Cross, a longtime and recently controvesial member. (insert oohs and ahs here)

Emma: hmm.. I don't have an order o' questions as such... how about a full name?
Pewter: Pewter Silverton Cross.::Smiles:: That was an easy one..

Emma: ::laughs:: right... how about a little background information? anything historical ye want us t'know?
Pewter: Um.. I was born about 24 summers ago in Amasakil... A LONG ways away. My parents were Briget and Markius.

Emma: ::grins:: sorry, that was a rather pointless question... what's yer favorite color?
Pewter: ::Grins:: Do shades count? Black!

Emma: ::laughs:: shoulda known.... why did ye join the Silver Flame?
Pewter: Um.. a number of reasons. The people first of all.. I've known some of them for a long time and then I'd have to say because when it was brought up to me.. I was in a search for some family.... A group.. Something to belong in.. And the SilverFlame's ideals met all my personal beliefs..

Emma: ::nods:: fair 'nough.... ::clears her throat:: a little more person'lly then
Pewter: ::Shrugs:: Shoot. ::Smiles:: I'm game!

Emma: Rumors have flown about yer involvement in the recent events at the Keep... Care t'comment on 'em?

Pewter: Um.. I think they are ridiculous that I might do something like that just to spite Rhy. I think that people need to look towards the one holdin' Leathol ransom.. not towards me. And on another note.. Rhy and I have since made up. It was only a little disagreement. and it wouldn've caused me to do something as drastic as setting the Keep to flames..

Emma: ::grins:: good t'hear it.
Pewter: ::Smiles:: Glad to say!

Emma: so... has dealin' with these rumors had an effect on yer life in the SF?
Pewter: Um.. I've had a few death threats... And I feel a little upset that I STILL don't have my cross back. But other than that, no.... Rhy and I have since made up.. and I've yet to see Mer or Mirl... The only others who I've been close to in the SF... WHICH I do hope will change! I'd like to get to know a lot more people.. a lot better. maybe someday?

Emma: ::chuckles:: d'ye think, then, that the SF needs t'encourage more intermember minglin'?
Pewter: Definatly! I think that we should have another party or workshop or something that's a "Meet and greet" type deal.. And hopefully it'll have better response. And I think these interviews help too.. I think that they give insight into people's lives..

Emma: teehee... glad ye think so.... anythin' insightful ye want t'share?
Pewter: Insightful? Um.... I'm a big religious freak... Not just Christian, but all pagan relgions...and others too.... I love that fact that people can put faith into things they can't see!

Emma: ::grins:: nice.. one last question... what did ye really think o' Candle's silver undies?
Pewter: ::Grins:: Ohhh.. they were sexy.. ::Smiles and laughs a little:: But purple would've been nicer! Oh yeah.. I forgot something on the insight question!

Emma: ::laughs::.... alright ::flips the notebook back open::
Pewter: I'm also a bisexual! Very bisexual. . . and drag is really me! And Purple's my color. (If'n you're goin' ta buy me a dress!!)

Emma: ::grins:: wow.... now that's insight... "note to the readers: Xmas is only a few weeks away.".. Thanks for your time, Pewter....


Look who's Pregnant! It's Rhydaina!... Word around says that she is pregnant *again*.. Jeez.. How many kids would this make.. 6?

Leathol is being enslaved by Zantoth? Zantoth set the keep on fire? Word has it that Zan is keeping Leathol hostage and only wants Rhy's life in return... Rhy says go for it... Everyone else says no... Does she listen?

Note from the author's.. : Please.. We need some gossip.. Otherwise we are stuck with the same old same old.. :) If you have any send it to Rhydaina so she can put it.. For anyone who wants an interview, send your request into Emma and she will take care of it..:


Silver Flame Newsletter
Rhydaina Drakenson--Author/editer
Emma McRoberts--Interviewer
Shivan Rex-- Author

There are many more issues in the archive...

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