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~ S i l v e r F l a m e ~
Newsletter Issue #4
By Rhydaina Stanislava Nytehunter-Drakenson and Shivan Selt 'samm Rex

1) Guildnews and Matters
2) Interview.. This issue... Kiar!
3) Gossip
4) Advice corner.. This issues topic.. The Stars End Bar!


So, whats new in the world of Guildnews.....? Lets check it out..

The no DM rule! Yes.. Some of us know this already but some don't.. This is the most important rule that we have... It simply is that no one that is a member of the SilverFlame Guild accepts DM's... This is so we all stay alive... We dont need anyone dieing in combat do we? No... We stand for peace and nuetrality.. So how do you turn away one.. Well here are a couple examples.. "No thanks... Want to spar instead?" Or.. "Nah.. I value my life more than that.. But I do think I could kick your arse in a spar.." Its easy! I do it all the time.. :)

Masquerade party!! This is to be held in the Pheonix Keep on December 5 at 10 pm.. So bring a date, a freind or just yourself.. Remember to bring that prize winning costume!

We are getting to know our alliance better.. So we all need to also. A few have gotten to know some of them really good, so lets make them feel welcome...

The Wardens will be offering a one hour class in Basic Combat Proctoring (BCP). It will cover terms and conditions, and what they are, the proctor's rights and responsibilities and some things to look for during combat. For those who complete BCP, a class later will be given in Advanced Combat Proctoring (ACP) which will cover the tricks of the trade the Wardens have learned in nearly 2,600 combats now. There is no greater resource in the land for this type of information.

This issue we interviewed Kiar... The interviewer is Shivan...

NLI: So what do you like about being in the guild?
Kiar: The guild... Well, when I came to RhyDin, I had no family of my own. The DarkHunters, and now the Silver Flame, have been guilds that provide security, entertainment, and love.

NLI: ::smiles:: Well, why did you get mad at Shivan & Rhy?
Kiar: ::coughs:: Okay. Here it goes... Territorialism. I feared for status when I returned to see what you had achieved. That's all.

NLI: ::nods:: What's yer favorite drink?
Kiar: Not always one for liquids, but gin's okay. Always in a bowl. It's easier.

NLI: So what's your full name?
Kiar: Kiar, High Envoy of the OChiiGairk, Mate to Tsafi.

NLI: How's your sex life? ::grins::
Kiar: Shivan, you're twisted. Rhy's going to be mad. What do you mean?

NLI: Well, are you having good sex?
Kiar: ::grins:: Humanoids... Yes, yes... We find it pleasurable if that's what you mean. I don't really think it matters. I'm so glad they're not here. My children would be warped.

NLI: Any last comments?
Kiar: This is tough... Well, I've seen much hardship, and things are easier to bear with others. I know this is a cliche now, but teamwork will save this guild. Not even a few with flash-in-the-pan events. We need every-day persistence. Just people pulling their weight all the time, a constant effort. Then, the momentous achievements are more important and have a base of labor and struggle on which to rest.


So, whats in the world of gossip this month...

Pewter recently moved in with Rhy, Slym and the kids at the Manor.. Somthing tells me that Slym wasn't to happy with it, but they are doing ok.....So far..

Mirl Pregnant? True or not true.... Well, there has been talk around that it is.. but who knows..

Neikla's ghost has been seen wandering around Rhydin, especally the old DH guildhall.. But she never talks to anyone.. Consipiracy?

Note: All the gossip written in the letter was brought to you by anyone who tells anyone that is heard by the editors... None of it is intended to cause anger to anyone.. We apologize for any mishaps... Sincerely... The SilverFlame Editors..

Advice corner!!

This months topic is: What to do and what not to do at the Star's End bar.

What not to do:
1) Never ever walk into the bar naked... It doesnt go down well with some people.
2) If you plan on getting drunk.. and I mean flat on your arse drunk.. Dont do it there.. You wont find a person to carry you home.
3) Dont pick your own fights.. Let the come to you, or join them..

What to do:
1) Always act your nicest towards the RDI's... They always know who you are.
2) Its alright to act yourself there... It is especially alright to remove clothes once you are in the bar and everyone see's you are there..
3) Always go swimming before drinking.. Never after.. It dont mix verywell..
4) And last.. But definantly not least.. Always have someone sober enough to walk you home...

These tidbits of advice were brought to you by Rhydaina..

There are many more issues in the archive...

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