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~ S i l v e r F l a m e ~
Newsletter Issue #3
By Rhydaina Drakenson and Shivan Selt 'samm Rex

1) Guildnews..
2) Interview..... This week---Shivan Selt 'samm Rex
3) Gossip


Well, what's up with the flame this month??

Well for one, Mirl has planned a Masquerade party!!! Alright!  It is to be held in the keep!! So come one, come all and wear a costume!!

So, whats up with the Guildhall... Well it has been turned back over to the DH... Though... We have a new and very very lovely place to stay... The Phoenix Keep!!!

We have a message board!!! Woo!! It is in... "From the Dragon's Mouth" under the folder "SilverFlame"  Some have already wrote there.. So let's keep it up!!

In membership news, we have some new members as well as one lost....  WalkerBohX has seemed to disapear but I hope to hear from him soon...  Shamrock (Coral Veil) and Arriae Lythmirr Ash (SousLeMasq) are our new members!! Welcome them!!

This month's interview is Shivan Selt 'samm Rex...  He has made our webpage, as well as helped me author the Newsletter... Here is his interview...

Newletter Interveiwer:  So...  How do ye feel to be in the SilverFlame?
Shivan:   I feel honored just because I am in a guild with my friends.

NLI:   Tell us about what happened at the meeting... With Gairk?  ::Grins::
Shivan:  Well, Kiar and I have been arguing lately just in friendship.  We had a little spar and he won.

NLI:  So I hear of an upcoming costume party coming up... Have any ideas of what ye will come as?  ::Snickers::
Shivan:   Actually, yes.  However, I'd prefer it to be a surprise.  I'm hoping nobody will recognize me.  ::grins::

NLI:  ::Grins..:: That makes two of us then..  What is yer favorite color?
Shivan:   ::thinks:: Hmmm... Probably red. There's just something about it.

NLI:  Ok.... How bout yer favorite drink?
Shivan:  I like an ale.  Always have drunk it, always will.  ::smiles::

NLI:  If ye had one wish to wish.. What would ye wish fer?
Shivan:   To meet my human father Urza.

NLI: ::Smiles and nods..::    Any last comments before we wrap it up?
Shivan:  Well, I'd like to say that I enjoy helping the hall, the website and the folder, and I hope that I can help it in the future.


So whats on the Gossip wheel this month??? Well.. Lets check it out..

Whats this I see?  Rhydaina in fangs and Slym in chains?  Rumors have it that Slym made a deal with Rhy's sister Gwen to help Rhy...  The other end of the deal was for Slym to be Gwen's slave for 3 weeks... Is this really going to happen??

Neikla dead??  Some little whisper told me that Neik was dead.. But yet again, who knows??

Well.. That be it for this months issue...  See ye next month!!!

There are many more issues in the archive...

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