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~ S i l v e r F l a m e ~
Newsletter Issue #2
By Rhydaina Drakenson

1) Guildnews
2) InterView: This issue--- Rhydaina Stansilava Drakenson
3) Rhydin's gossip
4) Advice corner


   So... What is the news this month in the Silver Flame?   Well.. First off we have a new member.. Leathol!!  She is our newest member...

   Also!! We have another new member.. WalkerBohX! He joined just recently.. He was from the Nytehunters guild, which is currently on hold.. Perhaps for a long time..

How goes the Contest??  What contest you ask?  Well... About 3 weeks ago Merikus started a contest on who participates the most.. Then when the council decides when.. We award the winner with a prize!!  So what we mean by participation is..... Set up parties, or get togethers.  Get involved with Rhydaina in the writeing of the newsletter.  Work with Merikus or Jack on Guild matters, problems, improvments.. So on.. Its all good... The council will decide the winner..

This issue... Rhydaina Stansilava Drakenson...

Due to the time shortage, Sparks interviewed Rhydaina for the Newsletter...

Newsletter interviewer: What is your full name.: And I mean all of it..
Rhydaina:  ::Clears her throat.:: Rhydaina Stansilava Nytehunter-Drakenson...

NLI: Why so long?
Rhy:  Well... Its kinda simple acually... I am married to Slym.. So.. I added his last name to the end of mine... ::Grins.. and nods once.::

NLI:  Okie...  So how do you like being the Director of Membership?
Rhy:  Hmm... Acting Director of Membership... It is rightfully Emma's... Anyways... I like it... It gives me a chance to get more involved with the guild...   I like talkin' to people... So the interviews and such are easy... Its just fun...

NLI:  Everyone knows you have a few kids... How are they doing..?
Rhy:  I only have 2... Angelica and Banon... They are doing fine...  ::Smiles..::

NLI:  Okie, but I heard otherwise... Lets not get into that...  What is your favorite color?
Rhy:  Black, and silver... I cant pick one or the other, they go together soo well...

NLI:  If you had one wish to have.. Only one at all.. What would you use it on?
Rhy:  Oooh.. ::Thinks hard.:: I would probably wish fer someone else to have the wish, because I am not good with decisions at all... I think it's a fobia or somthin'..  Afraid to make the wrong choice...

NLI:  Any last words?  Heehee..
Rhy:  Welll....  I happy that I am a part of this guild.. I think it is going good, and will get better as time goes by.....

From various people in Rhydin.
So.. Whats the gossip of this month? Well lets check it out!

Party?! Did I hear Party!!  I think so!!  I believe there is a party brewing up in someone's head for Halloween...

The word on the street says that Neikla had triplets!!  And one of them is Slym Drakenson's... Ooops...  Though you can clearly see, that Rhy and Slym are ok with this... Just walk into the Guildhall one day when they're alone.. :P

The Nytehunters guild Disbanded?  Hmmm.. Somthing tells me that this is true.. But how?  A guild that is 3 generations old... Thats been around for 500 years..
(5 years)... Jeez..!

~Good Advice from people in the Silver Flame~

----- Don't ever go to the SEB Naked... Wait till you get there to get naked.. Its much easier, and you get more attention..

----- It's better to get beaten good, than to avoid the fight at all..

----- Don't ever sit IN the fire to get warm... It's much better to sit by it.. It may take more time to get warm, but it hurts less...

----- Before you ask Kirlen for a room to stay the night at with your spouse... Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into first.. :)

 Well that be the second newsletter...... See ye all around...

There are many more issues in the archive...

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