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~ S i l v e r F l a m e ~
Newsletter Issue #1
By Rhydaina Drakenson

1) Guildnews
2) Interview... This issue---- Merikus 'Owenelae Marquisto
3) RhyDin's gossip...


So... What is on the press this month for news?  Well for starters... The RWC.. It has been going around that they are having problems... Why you ask?  Apparently the FC and CA resigned from the RWC sending them in a panic..  They are pulling themselves together and working it out..

So... Looks to the Message boards and what do you see?  Llindith.. Requesting the the old DH board be erased, by the stoping of posting.. Amazingly(<--is that a word?:) people listened!  Hmm... Should we review the agreement left to us.. Isn't that ours? Well out great and Heroic Guildmaster, Merikus, talked it over with Traska, the DH GM, and they came to an agreement.. Traska will *try* to get us a board, and if/when they do they get the old back... Until then?  Mail it... That's the best thing to do..

Who is the Silver Flame council?  Well I got the list.. Here it is..

Guildmaster---- Merikus 'Owenelae Marquisto
Deputy Guildmaster---- Jack Royale
Director of Intel.---- Kirlen Sandcaster
Director of Membership---- Emma McRoberts, and when absent Rhydaina Drakenson

~The Interview~

Well.. This issue's interview was dedicated to Merikus 'Owenelae Marquisto.. Here's what happened..

Newsletter interviewer: So.. How does it feel to be the Guildmaster?
Merikus: Ummm.. ::Sits back thinking::  Interesting... You care about the guild deeply...and hope everything works out.  Much like, in a way, a parent..  You want what's best.. and you gotta go through alot for it to flurish.  When it does, tho, yer wonderfully happy.

NLI: ::Nods thoughtfully:: Hmm a parent. So the Guildmembers would be the children?
Mer: No... The guild would be the child.  Like the actions of it. For example. the RWC thing.  I want what's best for the guild and its members.. But the guild unit, as a whole.. which includes me, is the child.  We're all its parent in one way or another.. I just get to write letters.. ::Grins::

NLI: ::Smiles:: Speaking of RWC... Any thoughts on the SilverFlame joining it?
Mer: Nae.. I'm waiting to see if it will survive.  The first Council and Council Administrator steped down rather.. shall we say.. "Unprofessionally"  ::Smiles::

NLI: What are yer thoughts on the future.. What do ye see happening?
Mer: Well.. first thing I see is more guild participation.  Especially after this newsletter... ::Grins:: Please.. please, everyone, schedule parties... whatever.. just participate..  After that I see us getting more out into Rhydin.. More well known.  After that, Supreme Global Conquest!   ::Chuckles.:: Just kiddin' 'bout the last one..

NLI: So... In yer free time... ::Grins:: What is yer favorite thin' to do?
Mer: Spend time with my family.. ::Smiles:: Mirl an' the kids...

NLI: How 'bout yer favorite color, and drink?
Mer: My favorite color?  I'd think...  ::Points to his cloak:: Sky Blue...  Favorite drink.. ::Thinks..::  Dunno... Red wine maybe? Or Snapple?

NLI:  What is one thing NOone knows about ye?
Mer:  ::Thinks.::  I dont know..  ::Grins slightly::  Well.. if noone knows it.. I dont know it. ::Grins::

NLI: If ye had one wish.... What would ye wish fer?
Mer: That's a good question.. Hmm..  This is gonna sound very.. well, dumb, but I would wish for it.. Peace in Rhydin. Seriously.  I wish everyone could get along.  No Guildwars.. No petty crap...  Just some peace..

NLI: Soo.. Any last words?
Mer: I truly hope that Silver Flame becomes an influence in Rhydin as we were long ago. And I hope we all remain a family....


I know you all have been waiting for this.. The stuff that you hear from other people, that could be true, but your not sure... We all have heard it.. Some of us like it!  Here's what *I* gathered up....  Gossip from inside the guild, and outside of it...

Lookie who's preggers! Talk has it that Mirl is preggers....  Mer and Mirl alittle more busy than we thought? :)   Niekla? Not in the guild, but well known with some.. Pregnant again?  Somthing tells me that Corben isnt the father.. so who is?

Rumor has it that Sparkie and Judge Haze are no longer a cute couple.. Infact, Sparkie would like to see his head on the wall..!

Peek inside Candlewood and look who's a visitor.. Is that Tempest?  Is Candlesong and Tempest a couple?  Perhaps they only *truly* know...

This concludes the gossip section for this issue.. If I have offended anyone, I am truly truly sorry... Blame it on the press.. ::Grins..:: If you have any gossip that you would like added, but give me the word and it will be here...!

Well.. That concludes this issue... If there are any things ye would like to see on here... Please mail me, and we will work it out...

Rhydaina Stansilava Drakenson.

There are many more issues in the archive...

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