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Mintarr Augustus Haran

Location: Rhydin.

Birthdate: A Long time ago.

Sex: Male

Appearance: Wears gray. An eight sided sapphire pendent is suspened by a silver chain around his neck. A emerald hilted scimitar rests at his left hip. Proudly wearing a red tinted silver D on his collar. A small pin of a crimson falcon is pinned on his shirt. His emerald eyes are almost hidden by his long brown hair, 6'1, 190 pd. A tattoo of a gothic silver D with black vines twined around it on the back of his right hand.

Affiliations, Rank: A marshal in the HoSD(2d26, 15 rp), SIC Crimson Dragons Legion; RWC Registered Healer,CoUGH NC/Healer(1D14).