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He's been called all his life in RhyDin "Benz."

Location: Has taken unknown residence in RhyDin.

Birthdate: Bears a 24 year old appearance.

Sex: Male

Appearance: The 6'9" man you see wears a totally black outfit, as well as a black cloak bearing upon it's back a silver, unknown symbol. His face is youthful, holding ice blue eyes and light brown hair tied in a braid. He has an observant look, his eyes always watching. On his hands, he wears silver metal hand gloves, the look of a Silver Phoenix with ruby studded eyes upon each. Considers himself a skilled fighter, but does not accept matches from people he doesn't know. Member of the Silver Flame (2d20)

Personal Quote: "Think you could explain that a little more? Your gibberish makes no sense to me."