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Hello. Welcome to my informational site.

The sketch at left is obviously by a human. Notice the beady eyes. I am much more refined. But shall we continue on to the purpose of this site?

My name is Kiar, and I am a Gairk. I have lived in RhyDin for two years now, and reside on a plateau overlooking RhyDin Town with my mate, Tsafi, and our children, Dansantes, Poasai, Dhantar, Saalk, Darkwynd, Candlesong, Sstragh, Caasrt, and Deasst. I am considered a heretic, and was exiled from my world, prehistoric Terra. After that event, I was in constant danger of death until a final confrontation with my former OColi, or tribe leader, in which he was killed and I was almost fatally injured. However, that is just a condensed version of the latest things in my life. I recently wrote a record of my entire life, which you can obtain here. It is a bit lengthy, but if one is interested, it does tell a lot.

And if you are interested in directly contacting me, you
can reach me at
Kiar's Office, c/o Phoenix Keep, Utopia.